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Why does my dog roll in poo?

While this may seem unpleasant to humans this is actually a normal behaviour for dogs and can be quite common. While there is no definitive reason found for why dogs roll in poo there are a couple of theories: Scent masking In the past our canine’s ancestors may have rolled in poo as a way […]

Could my dog have liver disease? What are the signs?

  The liver is an important organ for your dog. It helps with digestion and blood clotting, and it removes toxins from his system. If the liver is not working right, it can make your companion sick. But liver disease can often be treated and managed. Signs It’s easy to miss the signs of liver […]

Cat Boarding at Ark Vetcare

Did you know all 3 clinics offer cat boarding facilities? Whether you are going away for a long holiday or a short break we can look after your cat. All cats coming to stay with us are given a check over by one of our vets first. We ensure that your cat is up to […]

How does a microchip work?

Microchips are tiny electronic devices, the size of a grain of rice, that are injected under the skin of cats and dogs with a hypodermic needle. Once injected under the skin, the microchip becomes encased by a thin layer of protein which anchors it in place for the rest of the life of your pet. […]

How does my dog get mange?

Sarcoptic mange is a highly contagious skin disease found in dogs, caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. These mites will burrow through the skin causing intense itching and irritation. The scratching that results from mange is what causes the majority of the animal’s hair to fall out. This is a treatable medical condition, but is […]

Why does my cat bite me?

  Have you ever wondered why your cat bites you? There are many reasons cats bite, these include: Play Acting Cats love to stalk and attack anything that moves, like rodents and birds as well as your fingers and toes. This type of biting is playful and not aggressive. To get your cat to stop […]

Why Does My Dog Shiver?

Dogs can shiver for many different reasons like excitement/anxiety/fear, pain or for medical reasons. Some smaller breeds, like Chihuahuas, are known to shiver, which is normal. If you are concerned your dog is shivering after injecting a toxin you should call Ark Vetcare immediately for an appointment. Excitement/Anxiety/Fear Dogs can shiver if they are excited. […]

What should I feed my kitten?

Ark Vetcare recommends that you feed your new Kitten Hills Vet Essentials Kitten food. The practice has been recommending this food for years as we believe it will give your new kitten the best start in life. Nutrition is one of the main cornerstones of good health.   The Best Kitten Food Starts with Science […]

What should I feed my dog?

Ark Vetcare recommends that you feed your dog Hills Vet Essentials food. The practice has been recommending this food for years as we believe it will give your dog all he needs to stay healthy. Nutrition is one of the main cornerstones of good health. The Best Dog Food Starts with Science The origins of […]

Cat shots – Everything You Should Know

The importance of vaccinations to the overall health and longevity of your cat cannot be understated. Cat vaccines are medically and scientifically proven to combat the incubation and transmission of crippling and fatal feline diseases. Our veterinary staff is dedicated to educating people about the importance of cat vaccinations, including what cat shots are necessary, […]

What are the Signs of Osteoarthritis in Dogs

Osteoarthritis is a common problem in dogs, particularly in elderly patients and large breeds. Although there is no cure for this progressive condition, identifying the problem early and putting in an appropriate management plan can help keep your dog active and improve quality of life.   What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis, also referred to as Degenerative […]

How does my cat get tapeworms?

There’s no two ways about it: worms in cats are disgusting. Unfortunately, they are not uncommon in household pets, including cats. But what are tapeworms? Are cat tapeworms contagious? And, the most important question, how do you get rid of them right now?   What Are Tapeworms? Cat tapeworms are long, flat, white worms. They […]

Could my dog have heart disease? What are the signs?

What is heart disease and heart conditions in dogs? Heart disease is an unfortunate but tolerable condition for your dog. The heart is the most important organ in your dog’s body. It pumps blood containing oxygen and nutrients through the blood vessels to the cells of the body. Most heart conditions involve a decrease in […]

How does my dog get ticks?

  Where and how can my dog get ticks? Dogs generally get ticks because they’re out in an environment that ticks like; walking through the woods or high grass, and these ticks undergo what’s called questing, where they crawl up on these low shrubs or grass, generally 18 to 24 inches off the ground and […]

Could my dog be going senile?

  Can dogs have dementia? Could my dog be going senile? YES Many dog owners are unaware of it, canine cognitive dysfunction, or CCD (also known as cognitive dysfunction syndrome), affects a significant portion of the senior dog population. The advances in veterinary medicine and improved owner care that have helped dogs live longer have […]