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Anaesthesia free dentistry…. a word of warning

Ark Vetcare would like to warn pet owners of the health risks posed by lay dental practitioners offering ‘anaesthesia-free dentistry’. The World Small Animal Veterinary Association does not support this practice either. An increasing number of non-veterinary companies are offering cleaning and scaling on conscious pets, but we are concerned the practice does not provide […]

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

This is such an import question to ask when you get a new puppy! However, it is quite a difficult question to answer! There are many different puppy foods on the market. Each one is different and will have different feeding guides depending on the age and breed of your puppy. Here at Ark Vetcare […]

Treatment and Management of Pet Obesity

Treatment is focused on weight loss and maintaining the decreased weight loss long term. Reducing caloric intake and increasing your pets exercise aid in treating this disease. At Ark Vetcare we will prepare a diet plan that you can use to reshape your pets eating regime. We recommend diets that are rich in dietary protein […]

Effects of Pet Obesity

Obesity can have drastic life-threatening risks to your pet. The heavier the pet becomes the less they want to exercise which results in less energy being burned up. Obese pets are prone to a variety of health issues. Risks factors include: Decreased stamina resulting in exercise intolerance– Excessive weight results in fatigue which leads to […]

Obesity in Our Pets

In this short series we will focus on obesity in our pet, discuss the causes, how it effects our pets, treatment and management of obesity and some tips on how much to feed your puppy….. Obesity is an excessive build-up of adipose tissue (fats) in the body. It is categorized as a nutritional disease. Obesity […]

Causes and Types of Digestive Disorders in your Cat

Digestive disorders are one of the most common reasons that people will bring their cat to the vet. A digestive disorder is anything that prevents proper digestion or alters the rate which food passes through the digestive tract. An upset in digestion can lead to many issues such as dehydration, malnutrition or potentially other serious […]

My Dog Christopher Robin’s Sore Foot

Christopher Robin was licking at his paw over the bank holiday weekend. His owners were glad to know we were open and popped along to see Sarah who was the vet covering the weekend. Sarah was a little concerned about his foot and was worried there was an infection but even more worried that there […]

Kiki is a Very Well Known and Very Well Loved

Kiki is a very well known and very well loved patient at the vet in Dun Laoghaire. She always has a wag for us no matter what. Kiki has had multiple cruciate surgeries (the first when she was very young) and she also has dermatitis. She is on daily medication for arthritis and to control […]

Messi The Cat Came Home Limping

Messi came home limping badly and with blood on his mouth. He was brought in to the vet in Dun Laoghaire and we suspected that he had either been hit by a car or had a bad fall. He was very shocked and was admitted by Fiona for pain relief and intravenous fluids. Xrays showed […]

Dlaczego moj pies ciagnie pupa po podlodze?

Powodem ciagniecia pupa po podlodze moze byc irytacja lub swedzenie okolicy odbytu. Moze byc to spowodowane stanem zapalnym, podraznieniem lub pasozytami. Jesli pies oprocz tego czuje sie dobrze, pierwszym krokiem jest upewnienie sie czy nasz pupil jest na biezaco z kuracja odrobaczajaca. W rejonie Dublina zalecamy uzywanie produktu  Advocate miesiecznie oraz tabletki Drontal co 3-6 […]

Worming Your Cat

Cats often carry internal parasites that pose a health risk to their owners and in particular to children under 4 years of age. Cats that recieve monthly Advocate are covered against roundworm (Toxocara) which is the parasite which has the greatest public health risk.  Some commonly used parasite treatments however do not cover your cat […]

An Unlikely Friendship

Nacho is a long time patient of Ark Vetcare in Foxrock, he is a long haired chihuahua who is almost 7 years old, and comes in with his owner Fiona and her son Robbie. He has been the only dog at home for a few years after the families Cocker Spaniel Pippa passed away in […]

Last Week’s Puppy Party!

There was too much cuteness at last weeks puppy party! Not much else we can say really, we’ll let the video do the talking…..   

Cindy the Parvo Virus Puppy Saved

Cindy is a gorgeous lurcher cross pup was rescued from the pound in Portlaoise in late June by the charity Dogs Angels Ireland. Dogs Angels Ireland do fantastic work rescuing dogs from pounds around Ireland. They’ve saved many hundreds of dogs from being put to sleep prematurely. Based in South Dublin and are always looking […]