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Summer survival tips!

As we enjoy the lovely sunny weather, how prepared are our pets for this challenging time of the year?

Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe this summer:

When going on walks, it’s always a good idea to start early or late, rather than going out in the midday heat. You may also wish to consider taking some water with you on the walk as well.

Ticks are a particular problem for pets roaming through long grass and woodland areas. Ticks swarm onto passing pets, firmly attaching themselves before feeding on your pet’s blood. Worse still, they can also spread a rand of diseases including Lyme disease and Babesiosis. Please ask us to advise you on the best method of preventing and if necessary removing ticks from your pet.

Don’t forget that fleas are also a cause of great irritation at this time of year- so make sure you keep your flea treatments going all year round!

Grass seeds are another summer problem- the grass awns of the meadow grasses are easily trapped in the coats of pets- especially dogs. They migrate and become lodged in a variety of places including the ears ( causing severe head shaking) and between toes (causing abscesses). It is always a very good idea to groom your pets regularly- and especially after walks- to keep a close eye out for both ticks and grass seeds.

The sun itself can also pose a hazard! Pets (especially cats), with white ear tips and noses are at risk of sunburn, which in turn  can lead to cancerous changes in the sunburnt areas. High factor sun block applied to at risk (white) areas will help in minimising the risk.

Flies can pose a big problem for rabbits as the weather warms up. Flies are very attracted to rabbits if they have soiled bottoms- here they lay their eggs, which rapidly hatch out into flesh eating maggots. It is important to check bunnies’ bottoms on a daily basis and call us at once if you are worried. Also, remember that pets in outside runs need a shaded area to get away from the sun. 

Bees are often irresistible to inquisitive pets who may get stung for their troubles! Some stings can- in allergic pets, swell very alarmingly and may require urgent  veterinary treatment. 

Finally, please give us a call or drop in for further information on fleas and ticks or on any of the other topics in this article.