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Dental Care

At the age of three years over 70% of cats and dogs will start to show signs of periodontal disease.

This progresses to bad breath and discomfort leading to tooth loss and often more serious conditions such as heart and liver disease.

At Ark Vetcare we always assess your pet’s mouth while it is getting the annual health check and vaccination and are happy to advise on routine dental care such as regular brushing of teeth or feeding of diets that promote dental hygiene.

Should your pet show signs of dental disease we may also suggest a descale and polish or in worse cases there may be a need to remove loose or damaged teeth. This is a routine procedure performed in the mornings in each of our clinics. It requires a short anaesthetic during which the plaque and tartar is removed by means of an ultrasonic descaler and the teeth are then polished smooth to delay the build up of further plaque and make home brushing more effective. Our vets will check each tooth individually for pockets around the teeth, exposed roots or tooth decay. Tooth decay is a particular (and painful) problem in cats.

In older or weaker animals your vet may recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test to minimise any potential risks to your pet.

Diet and Weight Management

An overweight pet is an unhealthy pet.

Just like us, pets require a diet that is linked to their age and activity levels and unfortunately up to 50% of Irish dogs and cats are above their ideal weight. The most common reason for this is that their well meaning owners give them extra food or treats.

Older pets are less active and so need fewer calories. Some breeds such as Labradors, Spaniels and mixed breed cats are more likely to gain weight and neutered animals also need less food as the procedure alters their metabolism.

Please monitor your pet’s weight. At Ark Vetcare we weigh pets at each visit. The signs of weight gain include the loss of an obvious waist and the ribs that cannot be easily felt. You may have had to loosen your pet’s collar. When obesity sets in you will notice slow movement and a shortness of breath. Being unfit like this will only contribute to further weight gain.

Being overweight will predispose a pet to diabetes, arthritis and heart and lung disease. At Ark Vetcare, you and your pet will receive invaluable advice about keeping your pet fit and well. You will be given advice on exercise and a calorie-controlled diet for your pet. You will then be supported through regular appointments so that your companion’s weight can be monitored. It is very much like weight watchers for your pet!

Free New Puppy & Kitten Check

We realise that you will have many questions and concerns about your new pet. We want to offer you an open door to come down and get a full clinical examination with one our vets without any financial cost. We want you to get the best advice from the Pet Health professionals best positioned to give this advice – our qualified Veterinary Surgeons. We can use this as an opportunity to see if your pet needs any further vaccines and anti-parasitic treatment so please bring along all your paperwork. We can also get your new pet’s details registered. Lastly if it is a puppy, then once registered with us they are entitled to come to our Puppy Party which is completely free of charge to clients of Arkvet. It is a great start to training and socialisation and very educational.

To make use of this free* consultation contact us and quote Free New Pet check up to our reception staff and they will make a booking for you.

Please note: where pets are sick and require the vet to implement a treatment plan, normal fees apply.

*T+Cs apply.

Health Checks

We’ve been offering routine health checks for small animals for over 40 years.

You may already know that you should be bringing your pet in for check-ups at least once a year, but do you know why?

Domestic animals have a tendency to hide pain. This is because in the wild they would be seen as the weakest in the pack. So, in many cases, the only way that you can make sure that your furry friend is as happy and healthy is by bringing them to see us for a thorough check-up.

Here at Ark Vetcare, we have many years of experience checking animals for all sorts of ailments. When your pet comes to see us, they will always be examined from nose to tail for any warning signs. This includes a full examination of their abdomen, teeth, coat, eyes, ears and claws, as these areas can often tell us lots about your companion’s overall wellbeing.

These yearly appointments are also essential for you as a pet owner, as it gives you a chance to discuss your pet’s behaviour with our experts and ask any questions you may have.

Orthopaedic Care for Pets

Sean Murphy is a vet that works in conjunction with our team here at Arkvet to provide a comprehensive in-house orthopaedic surgery service in our state of the art hospital in Foxrock.

Sean has specialised in the TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) surgery technique for the treatment of cruciate ligament rupture, as well as other orthopaedic procedures for the repair of fractures and other joint diseases. Common conditions that we treat include cruciate disease, patellar luxation, dislocations, fracture repairs, etc. Since graduating from UCD Veterinary College Sean has spent the last eight years in small animal practice where he continually developed his surgical skills and attended regular orthopaedic courses both in Ireland and abroad. Sean works in conjunction with the Ark Vet team to provide your pet with the highest surgical standards and dedicated aftercare.

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