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Cat Hospital

We Share Your Passion for Cats

Our vision is to allow dogs and cats to go through the patient journey in the most stress-free manner possible, thus we are now providing them with their own dedicated waiting areas and hospitals. We have built a totally self-contained cat hospital upstairs in our Dun Laoghaire clinic so all feline surgeries and care will take place here and the existing hospital downstairs will look after our dog patients.

Benefits of our dedicated cat hospital

  • Purpose built cat hospital with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Team of cat lovers, passionate about cat care
  • Dedicated separate cat waiting area
  • Professional, expert care for your cat over its entire life

Our Cat Facilities

  • Waiting Room
  • Dental Suite
  • Surgery

Waiting Room

Cats and Dogs go on a separate journey the moment they enter Ark Vetcare Dun Laoghaire. There are separate dog and cat consulting rooms. The cat waiting room stands so cat boxes are kept off the floor to minimise stress. The cat consulting room is just that – cat only so cats are not stressed by doggy smells during their examination. It is sound insulated to create a quiet and relaxing space.

Dental Suite

Cats suffer with all the symptoms of dental disease that we humans do. They often do so in silence. Cats get tartar that causes painful gum inflammation. This, if unchecked, leads to decay and cavities exposing painful nerves called neck lesions. Our dental suite allows us to manage the care of your cat's teeth, to carry out thorough descales but also ensures that if extractions are required they can be carried out efficiently. Nerve blocks are used for extractions and our team are fully trained to carry out surgical extractions if required.


All cat operations are carried out in our sterile cat only surgery which is part of our Cat Hospital upstairs in our Dun Laoghaire hospital. The facility is much the same as you would expect in a human theater with high powered lighting, anesthetic and monitoring equipment. The theater is completely separate to all other areas of the cat hospital to maintain sterility.