Helping Your Cat Overcome the Feline Obesity Epidemic Blog

Cat Obesity

A Growing Problem

Over the years more and more cats are becoming obese.  This is a trend that vets have noticed in the consult room as well.   Cats become overweight for a variety of reasons including too much caloric intake, too little exercise, too frequent feedings and consuming table scraps or foods made for people.

Obesity in cats can cause a variety of health-related problems and may even shorten the lifespan of your beloved cat. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to become informed on the issue and find a healthy way to get your cat’s weight back on track.


Getting the Right Diet and Exercise

Feeding the correct amount of food for your cats ideal weight (the weight your cat should be).  A kitchen scale can be useful for making sure your cat gets the appropriate amount of food. A few kibbles may not seem like a lot, but for your cats weight it can be.  Don’t forget! Treats also have calories in them, so if your giving extra snacks/treats then you will need to cut back on the daily amount of cat food given.

Daily exercise will also help keep your cat at a healthy weight.

For overweight cats we recommend Hills Feline Metabolic cat food.  If your cat also has an ongoing health issue, you should talk to one of our vets to get the best advice.

Please contact us if you have any more questions about weight.