Is my Cat putting on weight?

Cat Weight

Your Cat`s Weight

Did you know that a neutered cat needs up to 1/3 less food and will be more prone to weight gain if fed as before. Many owners worry about weight gain but sometimes we may not even notice the weight slowly gaining over time.
Why is being over weight a problem?
Like with humans, being overweight can make cats more prone to disease. Fat is pro-inflammatory and with extra weight on joints this can also make cats more prone to joint disease, pain and discomfort. Common diseases cats can be prone to if overweight are:
Urinary tract problems
Skin problems
Heart problems
Higher risk of cancer

Did you know cats over 7 and over weight are 3 times more likely to die prematurely? This is why we want our cats to be slender.

How do I know my cat is overweight?

Feel along their ribs are they easy to feel or do you need to press in to feel them.
Feel between their hind legs and under their belly; is there an apron of fat there?
Looking from above, your cat’s chest should be wider and the flank — the area between the ribs and the pelvis — should be indented. If you are standing to the side of the cat, the chest should tuck up as it goes into the abdomen.

Why is my cat over weight?

Part of it is more calories going in and an animal prone to a sedentary life style. It is easy for us owners to use food as a way of showing affection, but people forget that these treats all add up and are full of calories too.
A way to help them loose weight is try and swap out treats for extra love attention and play time with you cat.

Some tips:

Bear in mind there can be medical reasons why you cat is overweight and its always worth while, like with people, getting them checked over by a vet before embarking on their weight loss journey.Your vet is the best person to help you set a healthy eating program for an overweight cat.

If begging give extra cuddles and play with your cat, don’t cave and give extra treats!

Scratching posts can be great to get your cat moving and will also save the furniture. Invest in a tall one to encourage your cat to jump.

Always weigh out your cats food portion for the day and give it in multiple small meals. if you are away a lot invest in a food ball or mechanical food dispenser. Feeding cats ad-lib doesn’t mean they will just eat what they need, instead they may be more likely to gorge on the food.

Decide to put play time aside for you cat to encourage them to move and play. You can invest in fun toys, but even scrunched up paper can give your can hours of fun. Even old card board boxes can be great to get them jumping in and out and give them a safe place to hide.

Watch out for high calorie treats and ask your vet about a weight loss diet.

Your vet can help you confirm if your cat is overweight and recommend a course of action to ensure they remain happy and healthy.


Please contact us if you have any more questions about weight.