Trixie and Snoopy

Puppy Party

Snoopy and family


On Wednesday last our vet Paul and family were at our Puppy Party with their new family pets – Snoopy and Trixie.

After 14 great years with Kia our beloved Springer we sadly had to say goodbye in early October. Devastated and unsure of what was the next move and the right time to make the next move we visited Sharpeshill rescue centre – the WSPCA premises in Wicklow in late October. We were immediately taken by 2 abandoned puppies – Trixie a Whippet cross and Snoopy and Springer/Jack cross. As is their great gift the 2 pups were immediate hits and we were delighted to welcome them into the family over the Halloween break. Our 3 cats are adjusting but the positive energy the pups bring is a joy.


They were along at the puppy party last Wednesday run by Carol our nurse. Carol has been running the parties for over a decade and is very knowledgeable and a true pro. There was plenty of excellent advice and a whole lot of giggles as the pups in attendance had a great play together. The Puppy Parties are a free service for any client who gets their pups vaccinated at Arkvet. It gives a great grounding in the basics of training, healthcare and nutrition.


The pups finished their vaccine course last week and got to get out and about over the weekend. The made it to a Cuala match and had a trip to the Leadmines. Next stop is some training with Wonderpaws in Festina Lente in Bray so they will be as obedient as possible – it just wouldn’t be a good look for the local vet to have unruly dogs!