Dearbhla Ally and Lexie

Ciara and Lexie

Hi! I’m Ciara the vet manager.

My dog is a Border Terrier called Lexie.

She is my second Border Terrier.

As a young vet, I remember the most wonderful patient I had who happened to be a Border Terrier. I loved him so much and thought he was such a dude I went in search of a puppy for myself. My first dog Ally (named after Ally McBeal) was a faithful dog for 12 years.

Lexie (named after the character from Grey’s Anatomy) will be 9 just before Christmas. We have a very busy house with 2 young girls. She has been a faithful and protective friend to them since they were both born looking over them. While I trust her, I never like to put her in a position where the children could hurt her despite her being very tolerant. Réiltín my youngest is nuts about her. She loves to hug her. However sometimes she can be a little too heavy handed, so I must rescue Lexie. I always ensure the dog is supervised while she is with the children.


Dearbhla my 6-year-old has the job of feeding Lexie morning and evening. I must watch Lexie’s weight carefully as the children love to sneak their dinner under the table to her and she will take it very happily.  She is also a great floor cleaner when noodles and peas end up on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My youngest daughter is fighting Leukaemia and when she was first diagnosed, I was terrified Lexie could spread disease. Thankfully I was assured that life is life and disease can be easily walked into the house by us, so we didn’t have to rehome her.

I do have 2 young children so I practice what I preach when talking to families with young children and apply monthly treatment, Advocate, to ensure she cannot spread roundworms to the girls.

Did you know Border Terriers are a very common breed for Vets to have?  Aoife in Dun Laoghaire has two!


Reid Family and Lexie

Dearbhla Ally and Lexie