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Alfie & Faye


Hi my name is Aoife and I am going to tell you a little bit about my dog Alfie.

Alfie is an amazing little dog that my family and I adopted. We adopted him into our family on the 21st of May 2017 and he is now approximately 3 years old. He is small, with a grey and black coat.
We adopted Alfie into our family knowing he had a few problems as he was quite aggressive, and he was fearful of children and men. We were looking into adopting a small dog and said why not give little Alfie a chance and give him a new start in life.

Alfie suited our family because there were no young children in our home as my sisters and I were all in our teenage years and there were only the three of us girls and my mom and dad in the house.
Alfie was quite fearful of us all the first day we took him home which is only fair as we were all strangers to him, it took us a while to win him around, especially for my dad because of Alfie’s fear of men.

The first weeks we spent as much time as possible with Alfie but didn’t over-crowd him, we got him new toys, a new bed and he came with his own little teddy bear called bubbles.
Alfie was quite inquisitive of my dad after a while because he always let Alfie approach him not wanting to intimidate him or pressure him in any way or make him feel uncomfortable. When Alfie would come to him, he would always get a treat and affection and after a couple of weeks he gained Alfie’s trust and the two of them were inseparable! And still are two years later! Alfie no longer has a fear of men due to Dad’s patience and kindness and love towards Alfie he seems to have forgotten his fear.
The first year of adopting Alfie wasn’t the easiest as we had our ups and downs with him, but we never gave up!

Gaining Alfie’s Trust

We gained Alfie’s trust day by day as a family by showing him kindness, and love and making sure he knew he could trust us but also making sure he knew his wrongs from his rights and teaching him that aggressive behaviour was not acceptable.
Today, we are so happy we gave Alfie a chance, he is a different dog since the day we adopted him, he is affectionate, he loves to be around the whole family. His favorite people are my mom and dad.
He loves going for walks through the fields and up the hills at home in County Mayo, he loves to play, his favourite game is tug-of-war and he really loves going to the beach and going for a swim. He also loves spending time with his Best Friend Faye who is my sister’s dog and she is a Pug Collie Cross they always have the best of fun together. He is an amazing little dog and we wouldn’t know what we would do without him now.

He is certainly a little character making everyone smile and laugh and always makes sure that he gets plenty of treats for being a good boy. I myself live away from home and don’t get to see him as much but every time I see him, when I get home, he always greets me at the door with lots of kisses and he sometimes even pee’s himself a little with excitement! I wouldn’t change little Alfie for the world none of us would because Alfie is now part of our family and we love him very much.


Aoife's Pet Alfie Aoife's Pet Alfie Aoife's Pet Alfie