Sammy and Rikki

Megan’s Pets

Hi, my name is Megan and I’ve been working at Ark Vetcare Foxrock since August 2018, I’m mostly part time though as I’m currently studying Veterinary Medicine in UCD. We rescued our dog Sammy the beagle from a family who could no longer care for him 4 years ago and he’s been the best addition to the family. Like most beagles he’s fond of food and can sniff it out everywhere he goes. We have him on a strict diet to balance what he finds on walks in order to maintain his weight. Our other dog Rikki, a terrier cross, we found darting across the motorway. His owners no longer wanted him so we took him in and he’s been a burst of energy in the house, and keeps Sammy on his toes!

Megan’s Cats

Megan's Cats

Bruce, our cat, we’ve had since he was born as we rescued his mum when she was pregnant. He’s a feisty boy who’s great at catching mice and rats. He’s an independent cat who roams at night and sleeps all day and will grab food off your plate if you turn your back! The most recent addition to the family has been our 8 year old cat Nel. We rescued her from the clinic after her owners handed her over to us since their circumstances meant they could no longer look after her. It’s taken a while for her to adjust to her new surroundings but now she too likes to roam all night and sleep all day in her own private room!