Christopher Robin

My Dog Christopher Robin’s Sore Foot

Christopher Robin was licking at his paw over the bank holiday weekend.

His owners were glad to know we were open and popped along to see Sarah who was the vet covering the weekend.

Sarah was a little concerned about his foot and was worried there was an infection but even more worried that there could be something in under his skin. What we term a “foreign body”.

She prescribed some antibiotics and painkillers but made sure to book a follow up appointment a few days later.

A few days later he came to see Ciara (our vet manager) who was helping our in-Kill Lane. Ciara was just as concerned as Sarah that there could be something in his very sore foot. She also wanted to rule out anything that could be more sinister.

Christopher Robin was admitted to the hospital. He had a general anaesthetic and his foot was X rayed.

Ciara was delighted to see there was no bony involvement in the swelling. So, no bone infection and most important no bone cancer.

Ciara started to clip up all his hair and prepare the area for surgery when there was a POP! Out popped a grass seed.

Grass seeds are seen commonly enough at this time of the year causing problems to their patients. They are pointed like arrows and can track up under the skin quite often between the toes.

Christopher Robin went home with a dressing for a couple of days and we are delighted to report he is doing well.

When out walking your (hairy) dogs (especially) please make sure and check their paws and ears afterwards to ensure these grass seeds are not going to cause a problem.

As beautiful as Killiney Hill is this is a notorious area for these sorts of grass seeds!

Safe walking your dogs!!!