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All Vet Meeting Meeting July

At Ark Vetcare all our vets meet every 2 months for a formal sit down meeting.

Some months we have external speakers updating our vets on the latest products in the market or the most up to date ways of managing different cases.

Today all our presentations were from staff in house.

Ciara, our Vet manager, spent quite a bit of time ensuring that the whole team are best equipped to help our clients with end of life decisions and the end of life process. This is one of the most difficult times for patients and we felt it was such an important topic to cover.

Paul discussed dental work with the vets. 80% of patients over the age of 2 will have dental disease. A lot of the time the significance of this can be misunderstood by pet owners so we discussed the best ways to effectively communicate this pain and distress that dental disease can cause our patients.

Deirdre one of our vets from Foxrock discussed the importance of managing client’s expectations when dealing with difficult ear cases. We were all shocked by the timeline to cure some of these cases and the amount of intervention needed to make that sore smelly ear infection go away.

We are lucky to have a big team with many different areas of interest and different experiences. The All Vet Meeting gives us the opportunity to information share and ensure all our vets are best able to serve the pets of South County Dublin.