Did you know dogs get viral tummy bugs just like children?

Case of the Week; Brody the Huskey

Brody is a 10 year old Siberian Huskey who came to see our vet Sarah at our Kilmacud clinic after her owner noticed she had not been quite herself over the past day or two. Brody’s owner noticed she had been reluctant to eat her food and had instead taken to eating the grass in the garden, something she had never seen her do before. Her owner also noticed she had vomited once the night before and once the next morning. Brody had also not wanted to go on her usual walk around Dundrum, which was strange for her, walks are usually her favourite time of the day!

Sarah examined Brody from head to tail and found that she had a high temperature and was uncomfortable in her stomach. To help figure out what was causing these issues blood work was done and it was determined that Brody was suffering from a viral gastritis and this was what was causing her to feel so off form. She received medication to help her feel more comfortable and to bring her temperature down. Sarah also put Brody on a special food while her stomach was unwell. Two days later Brody’s owner rang to report she was feeling much better and was back eating, drinking and enjoying her walks as normal.