What Do I Do If My Dog Eats My Medicine

What Do I Do If My Dog Eats My Medicine?

Unfortunately, a pet eating human medications is not uncommon! We see this quite a lot in our clinic and it is often an emergency situation.

The first step if you discover your pet eating or licking medications or notice missing medications is to take any remaining medication out of their reach and try to check the name and quantity of the medication they’ve ingested.

Then immediately call your vet and let them know what your pet has eaten and when. Depending on what they’ve eaten we will most likely need you to bring them straight into the clinic so that we can and if it’s safe to do so we will try to induce vomiting so that we can get any remaining medications out of their system.

If your pet has eaten something toxic and we can’t effectively get them to vomit it out of their system, which can happen if too much time has elapsed since ingestion or with some easily absorbed medications then we may need to admit them for further treatment with fluid therapy, pet friendly medications or antidotes.

As with most medical dilemma’s prevention is better than cure so try your best to keep all medications sealed in containers and well out of reach of your curious furry friend.

Time is always of the essence so if your pet eats your meds remember don’t panic but do call your vet straight away so we can do our best to solve the problem!