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Ted The Terrier Gets PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Treatment

Ted is a gorgeous 2 year old Norfolk Terrier but he had a bit of a tough start in life. Recently Ted has received a revolutionary new PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment that has changed his life. Hear from his owner Moira…..

Ted’s Story

PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma dog dublin vet

Ted is a 2 year old Norfolk Terrier. Ted is a small dog with big attitudes. He is full of life, loves children and is afraid of nothing. He hats cats and lorries and is definitely the boss in this house.

Ted was diagnosed with Perthes Cavee at 4 months of age. Poor little guy. As a result of this painful condition, there is poor blood supply to the hips. This put limitations on Ted’s life as a puppy. he didn’t sit properly. He bunny hopped up the stairs. He didn’t like to be lifted or sit on your knee. He couldn’t climb but he adores walking and walks 5 miles every day.

Every few weeks for his first 2 years he ended up on anti-inflammatories and steroids to try and control his symptoms which was not the ideal but did improve his life.

In January Ted had Platelet Enhancement Therapy (V-Pet) and his life has changed. No steroids or anti-inflammatories. He is full of life. Loves sitting on my knee or squeezing in beside me on the armchair.

I even caught him standing on 1 back paw on the armrest of the chair and getting himself up on a shelf!. It was so exciting! Ted was doing a normal doggy task at last.

He has now discovered he can open drawers and get into them. I think he is making up for lost time.

Thanks to all in Ark vetcare and V-Pet, Ted is leading a normal doggie life and free of pain and drugs

Moira Mc Quaid

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