Puppy Feeding What to feed Your New Puppy

Puppy Feeding | What to feed Your New Puppy

The first year of your puppy’s life is the most important so choose carefully!

Puppy food is available in wet or dry forms, and what you choose will largely depend on yours and your puppy’s preference. But take care to choose a food that gives him everything he needs to grow and develop to his full potential. Look for foods that are ‘complete’. This means you can feed it without the need for supplements or additional food.

As with the food we eat, pet food varies in quality, so make sure you read the packaging to see what benefits it offers your puppy. Some foods contain health enhancing vitamins, antioxidants to protect the immune system and minerals that promote urinary health. You should always check that the food doesn’t contain added salt. Too much salt can be dangerous for your puppy’s kidneys. And if in doubt – ask your vet’s advice on pet diet and weight management.

Whatever food you choose, you’ll need a couple of good quality, non-tippable feeding bowls; one for food and the other for water. A feeding mat is also a good idea to protect the floor.

Dry or wet Puppy Food?

Dry food is made up of small biscuits called kibbles. It’s very convenient to serve and keeps well. It’s also cost effective, as you can buy it in large bags.

Wet is available in cans or pouches, a good quality, complete wet food will also provide your pet with all the nutrients he needs. It’s a little less cost effective than dry, but many owners like to offer it alongside dry food to provide variety.

ArkVet Care made the decision many years ago to recommend Hill’s Vet Essentials puppy food.

Hill’s puppy food is specially formulated to make sure your pet gets exactly the right balance of nutrients. It’s made with vitamins and minerals that are proven to help puppies reach their full potential. And it contains natural DHA for better brain and visual development.

puppy feeding what to feed your puppy vet essentials

Key Benefits of Vet Essentials Puppy food

  • Clinically proven nutrition that can transform your pet’s life.
  • Advanced nutrition to help address the top 5 essential health needs of puppies including immunity, vitality, skin & coat, and digestion, with clinically proven benefits. Only available at Veterinary Clinics.

How It Helps: Complete nutrition that helps address the top 5 essential health needs of puppies from 4 weeks of age for healthy optimal growth and development. With clinically proven levels of DHA and antioxidants for cognitive development and immunity.

Immunity: Clinically proven antioxidants with high levels of vitamin E for a healthy immune system

Vitality: Precise balance of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy bone and joint development in small breed puppies

Oral Health: Precise balance of vitamins and minerals for healthy development of teeth in small breed puppies

Skin & Coat: High levels of omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a luxurious coat

Digestion: Designed to provide gentle, healthy digestion

We’re confident your pet will enjoy Hill’s™ Vet Essentials™ foods. We’re so confident that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. *

How Much Should You Feed Your Puppy?

As your puppy grows the amount of food he needs will change as well. We are only too delighted to see puppies every month for a weight check and to calculate how much food your puppy then needs to be fed.

What’s the difference between MINI, MEDIUM AND LARGE BREED?

Mini and medium puppy food is the exact same nutritionally but the kibble (biscuit) size is different. We usually recommend the MINI kibble for puppies that will be less than 10kg when fully grown.

Large Breed puppy food is completely different from a nutritional point of view. Large Breed puppies need to grow slow and steady. IF they grow too quickly, they can be prone to developmental orthopaedic disease to include such conditions as Hip Dysplasia. Therefore, Large Breed Puppy Food has a lower calorie content and different amounts of minerals to ensure puppy still achieves their adult target weight but does so at a steady state thereby decreasing the chances of joint disease.

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