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Why is My Dog Drooling?

Drooling, dropping excessive saliva from the mouth, can occur in dogs for many reasons.  It can be a completely normal process or can be a sign of an underlying health issue.

Normal reasons for Dogs to drool include:

  • when your dog smells food and is salivating in anticipation of their next meal
  • when your dog is feeling overly hot or stressed (often accompanied by panting), or
  • certain dog breeds such as Mastiffs or Newfoundlands, who are more prone to drooling.

Is My dog Drooling a Sign of a Health Problem?

One common health reason for dogs to drool is because they have dental disease.  Dogs’ teeth, much like humans, aren’t magically self-cleaning!  Plaque and tarter can irritate a dog’s gums, causing discomfort when chewing, and excessive saliva production.  In order to have healthy teeth they need to be brushed regularly, eat a healthy diet (mainly consisting of dry food), and ideally be descaled once a year in your Vet Clinic.   If you take a look in your dog’s mouth and see ‘red inflamed gums’, along with ‘discoloured teeth’, then please book them in for a dental with us.  Getting a regular descale reduces tarter build-up, and prevents your pet’s teeth becoming rotten, which otherwise would need to be removed!

In addition, if you notice that your dog is drooling profusely throughout the day, it could be a sign that they are feeling nauseous from having eaten something that has irritated their stomach, or it could indicate that they are having trouble swallowing and may have something stuck in their mouth.

If you notice drooling that isn’t resolving and your dog is also inappetent (unusually disinterested in food) or lethargic (sluggish/lacking their usual energy), then they should definitely be seen by a Vet, in case they are feeling unwell for one of the above reasons.

why is my dog drooling

Still Concerned About Your Dog Drooling?

If in doubt come see us at Ark Vet, however if you are the proud owner of a beautiful Newfoundland, you may just have to become used to the slobber, or we hear a drool catching bandana is all the rage for spring/summer 2019!

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