why is my dog eating grass

Why is My Dog Eating Grass?

Many owners are are left scratching their heads when they see their dog eating grass.  Dogs can eat grass for a variety of reasons:

  1. Normal Grazing Behaviour
  2. Nutrient Deficiencies
  3. Instinctive protective behaviour when your dog is feeling nauseous

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Your Dogs Normal Grazing Behaviour

The first reason is that it can be a normal grazing behaviour where your dog will occasionally munch on some grass without suffering any adverse effects. This grazing can be a thing certain dogs do out of boredom or because they enjoy the taste of grass and is usually nothing to worry about.

Nutrient Deficiencies in Your Dog

Some vets have suggested it could be related to having nutrient deficiencies but if you’re feeding your dog a nutritious diet such as Hills or Royal Canin, then this is unlikely to be the case.

Your Dog Might be Feeling Nauseous

The third reason dogs chew grass is as an instinctive protective behaviour when they are feeling nauseous.  Ingesting a lot of grass in a rapid manner can sometimes help dogs vomit up substances that are irritating their stomach.

So, if your dog is retching, ingests grass, vomits and then returns to their normal self, then its not usually anything to worry about.  If, however, your dog is eating grass and continuing to retch or feel nauseous then they need to be examined by a Vet so please bring them in to us for a health check!

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