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A New Puppies Journey

At Arkvet we are very keen to meet your new puppy as soon as you have gotten him/her and indeed if you need any advice before you take the plunge in getting a pup please pop into us!

Free Puppy Check Up

Before any of our new little pups from the Stillorgan, Clonskeagh and Mount Merrion areas get to hit Deer park to meet and greet their new neighbours they should come into see Kevin, Louise, Brid or Sarah for a puppy check up. This is for multiple reasons…firstly we are all just as excited as you are about the new arrival and would love to meet them ASAP!!

As well as this, it is nice for them to become familiar with the clinic and realise it’s actually quite a nice place to visit! Also, it is of great importance that we can give them a thorough check over to ensure that they are healthy, not suffering from any infectious or contagious diseases, as well as ensuring there are no developmental abnormalities present.

In order to do all of this we offer a free puppy check up with one of the vets! At this initial visit firstly one of the nurses will take all the puppies details from you. The vet will then carry out a full clinical examination to pick up any issues as outlined above.

We examine the eyes, ears and mouth, we listen to the chest and we analyse the puppies limbs. We check the coat and skin. We will discuss flea and worm control, as all puppies are born with worms this is an important conversation to have especially if you have young children at home. We will assess any vaccinations that your pup has already received and come up with a plan for any further vaccines necessary. We will also discuss basic training as well as the best diet for your new little pup based on expected adult size, breed and lifestyle. We will check to ensure your pup is correctly microchipped. We will weigh them and track this to ensure normal growth and development. The nurse can also answer any questions you may have about other items that may have crossed your mind such as pet insurance.

puppy journey puppy party

Come to a Puppy Party!

In Ark Vetcare Kilmacud we run regular Puppy Parties which we will also discuss with you. These last about an hour long and can have up to 4 to 5 puppies that are in the middle of their primary course of vaccinations, so although they can’t be out and about just yet they can all meet each other!

Not only is the party very informative as the nurse will go through information on training and behaviour it is a socialisation session for your pup which is highly beneficial to them. These sessions are free of charge.

Puppy Party Testimonial:

We had our puppy socialisation date with Ark Vetcare last week and it was so helpful. I attended with my 3 children and 11-week-old puppy. 

Sarah managed the three puppies attending with great skill and gently encouraged them to get to know each other at their own pace depending on their size and personality type. She was very sensitive to the smaller puppies who may have been initially nervous of our slightly larger one.

We were taught how to train our puppy to obey commands like ‘sit’ and how to best manage them. Sarah also answered all the owner’s questions very knowledgably and with ease and understanding.

 We came away with some very useful checklists and a puppy information booklet which we have since used plenty of times.”

Vaccination Plan

Generally speaking most puppies will be due a second vaccine a week or two after their initial visit. Again, this check up will consist of a full clinical examination followed by administration of the vaccine. We will be keen to know how your pup is settling in with the family as well as addressing any queries you may have!!

We hope to see you and your puppy soon!

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