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Meet Goose; the Springer Spaniel and his Favourite Walks!

This is Goose! He is a gorgeous 4-year-old Springer Spaniel and like most dogs, he loves nothing more than a good walk!!!

Louise, one of our senior vets in Kilmacud and her husband Steve rescued Goose from a pound in Co. Laois in September 2017. As it’s coming up to their first-year anniversary, we wanted to fill you in on how the year has been and tell you a little bit more about where you might see Goose and his favourite places to go walking.

It was a Bit of a Rough Start for Goose

spring spaniel not so well

Poor little Goose wasn’t in great shape when Louise and Steve brought him home from the pound. He was very malnourished and exhausted, and it took quite a lot of time for him to get back to full health.

Here’s Louise to fill you in on the details…..

We found Goose through ​Spaniels for Adoption in Ireland​ and we went down to meet him in the pound. The people there were lovely and doing their best for Goose, but he wasn’t very well.

We felt an instant bond with Goose and although he was weak he wagged his tail frantically as soon as we met him. We decided to take him home straight away and he certainly seemed happy to become part of the family.

Goose started to go downhill after a day or two, he was refusing to eat and became weaker on his legs. We were really quite worried that he mightn’t make it through.

The Road to Recovery

It was a challenging time for Goose. The first thing we did was bring him to the clinic in Kilmacud where we could do a full ​health check​.We did blood tests, urine tests and x-rays to investigate what the problem was. We realised that something was amiss and he had some more serious problems – he wasn’t just a stray that’d been neglected. Unfortunately, he had a kidney infection as well as a problem with his spine, so we began treatment straight away to get everything under control.

Thankfully he began to recover. An important part of what we did was to build his strength back up by getting him onto a very good nutrition plan. We gave him a recovery food called Hills AD Diet which is very high in nutrients. Then we weaned him onto a Hills lifestage diet which promotes good immunity, gut health and a healthy skin and coat.

After a couple of weeks, we were very relieved to see Goose start to make a big improvement, but it was really a few months before he had good energy levels and reached his ideal weight. Once he was well enough he received his vaccinations and anti-parasitics. We neutered him and preformed a descale and polish on his teeth. Now he is a gorgeous boy with a shiny coat and beautiful white teeth…which he likes to show off!

vet in stillorgan goose and his walks

Sun, Rain or Snow. It’s Walkies Time!

Now that Goose is fully recovered he absolutely LOVES to get out for a walk! Springer Spaniels are very intelligent dogs and quite energetic, so they need plenty of exercise. Goose needs about 1- 1.5 hours of activity every day to keep him fit and healthy.

Springer Spaniels make great pets, they’re good for training and love to please you – they’re super focused on their owners.

His favourite spots for a walk are Stillorgan, UCD, Clonskeagh, Mount Merrion but his favourite of all is Deer Park because it has a wonderful dog park. In the dog park Goose can go off lead and play with the other local dogs out on their walks. If you’re out and about in these areas you’re sure to see Goose about the place wagging his tail and carrying his precious tennis ball.

Goose is ‘generally speaking’ a great loose lead walker..unless he is distracted by a bird, a ball or a squirrel!! Cos he’s such a good boy, he picked it up very quickly, but he does love to run around when he gets to a dog park! Occasionally he visits the great dog park in Marley Park, so he can catch up with his dog friends out that way!

Being a spaniel he LOVES water and loves getting to the beach for a swim in the sea! We try to bring him to the beach as often as we can.

springer spaniel vet stillorgan kilmacud

Every Good Boy Deserves Play Time

It’s all about the tennis ball for Goose – he brings it everywhere he goes and enjoys a good game of fetch. He has lots of other toys including K9 Connectables, which are great for providing mental stimulation and they also float in water but his tennis ball beats all!!

vet in stillorgan springer spaniel dog

Keeping Him Safe on a Walk

We make sure to keep Goose’s ​vaccines​ up to date. Keeping a pet vaccinated is one of the most important things a pet owner has to do.

Dogs love to get out and run around in the grass and get their noses into all sorts of things and unfortunately there’s a lot of nasty things they can pick up. The main things that the vaccinations protect Goose from are:

  • Canine Parvovirus.
  • Distemper
  • Infectious Hepatitis
  • Canine Parainfluenza Virus
  • Canine Cough.

Another thing we do is to protect Goose from any parasites that might be lurking in the grass. Once a month we apply an Advocate Spot onto the back of his neck. It only takes a minute, but it is particularly important at this time of the year, with the warm weather, as fleas are more prevalent. It also protects him against lungworm which is important in this area.

Oh! and of course we have Goose ​microchipped in case he was to go missing.

vet in stillorgan goose dog

Good Boy Goose!

Goose is a very good boy, and we’re so delighted he’s part of our family. He’s very friendly and gentle – if you do see us out walking please feel free to come say hello to Goose, he’d love to meet you to say hello!!!

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