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Overweight Pets – Help and Advice

Overweight Pets

Problems caused by obesity

Excess weight can have a huge impact on your pets health. Obesity increases their chances of developing many health problems including arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart and respiratory disease. These diseases can cause severe pain and even shorten their lifespan.

How do you prevent your pet from becoming overweight?

An animal gains weight when the energy they take in is greater than the energy they use. To ensure they are getting the correct balance it is important to feed them the correct amount of food based on their size and age. Most bags of food will have a feeding guide on the back to tell you how much your pet needs. Avoid treats, particularly ‘people’ food as they are extremely fattening. Low calorie treats are available, if necessary. Having a routine of when you feed your pet helps you remember when they are fed and also regulate the amount they get. Ensure everyone in the family understands the importance of keeping your furry companion at a healthy weight. Call into us for advice on the correct amount of food you should be giving your dog or cat if you are unsure.



How do we know when a pet is overweight?

By using what is known as a body condition score we are able to see if your pet is at or above its ideal weight. Multiple measurements can also be taken to get an extremely accurate target weight and to see how much body fat your animal is carrying.


We have to reduce the amount of food we give our pets and cut out treats. Food designed specifically for weight-loss is available in our clinic. This food is highly palatable and helps your pet feel full while also containing less calories and fat. Knowing that you are giving them the correct amount that is nutritionally balanced can help when you are struggling to fight those begging eyes! Exercise is essential for weight-loss also. Bringing them for regular walks/encouraging them to play will help speed up the process. Our nurses and vets are well equipped to guide your pet down the right path to a healthy weight. We will make a personalised plan, decide on the correct target weight for your animal and support you through their weight loss journey. We will keep you motivated by recording progress every month along with nurse clinics and answering any questions/worries you may have.

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