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Keep Your Pet Safe in a Storm

As we head in towards winter we expect to see more storms on the horizon. Storm can be a difficult time for both people and animals and can cause great anxiety in our pets. If your pet suffers from anxiety there’s a few simple things you can do to help them get through a storm……

Prepare for the Storm

Preparation is key.

Utilise the time before the storm to make sure your dog has exercised and been for a walk, had the chance to go to the toilet.

Similarly, for cat owners make sure they have had a chance to go outside for exercise, stimulation and to use the toilet before the storm arrives. For any cats who like to stay out and don’t come home regularly consider keeping them in for the entire storm or let them out on an empty stomach, so they are more likely to return home quickly.

When the Storm Arrives

Once the storm arrives both cats and dogs can be very sensitive to noise and the changes in air pressure. This can scare them and make them anxious.

As per our advice on helping your pet cope with Halloween and fireworks some of the same techniques can be used….

  • Provide an alternative noise to dampen the sounds of the storm by switching on the TV or Radio.
  • Create a safe place where you dog and cat can hide and check on them regularly to keep them company.
  • Feed them a little earlier than you would normally.
  • Keep the curtains, doors and windows close to reduce the sounds.
  • When the storm arrives act as if nothing is different, so they don’t pick up on your emotions.
  • If you are a dog owner, you might consider a T Touch T-Shirt for any particularly anxious pups.

If your cat prefers to go to the toilet outdoors as apposed to indoors in a litter tray remember to have several litter trays in the house for them. Place them away from their food and water bowls.

Hopefully the storms pass without causing too much trouble this year but if you do need any extra advice please contact us or book an appointment online.