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Pesky parasites: in focus!

Did you know that there are a large number of parasites just itching to live on your pet? Here we look at a few of them in closer detail.

Fleas need little introduction to many pet owners! Adult fleas are 2-3mm in length and can be seen without magnification. Fleas survive by feeding on your pet’s blood, causing very intense irritation and sometimes allergic skin disease. Fleas also play a major role in transmitting tapeworms in dogs and cats. Year-round flea control gives you the best chance of ensuring your pets are not troubled by fleas.

Fur mites are much smaller than fleas and are just visible to the naked eye. Sometimes called ‘walking dandruff’, they affect dogs, cats and rabbits. The mites cause variable degrees of itching and may also bit the owners of affected pets. 

Ear mites affect dogs and cats and are especially a problem in young animals. The mites, which are visible to the naked eye, cause great irritation and excessive wax production. 

Harvest mites can be a problem in late summer and early autumn. The mites are active in long grass and will swarm onto passing pets where they tend to congregate on the ears, feet and underside of the abdomen. They are easily identified as bright orange tightly adhering “dots” and are often very itchy. 

Please contact us if you would like any further information on any of the parasites mentioned above, and remember that fleas never take holidays and just love central heating!