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Keeping one jump ahead!

Fleas are a cause of intense irritation to both pets and their owners! However, the key to controlling them is to understand their life cycle.

Flea Life Cycle

Adult fleas, which are typically just 2mm in length (and clearly visible without magnification), spend the majority of their lives on pets, feeding on blood and reproducing. Female fleas commonly lay 30-60 or more eggs per day- thus a brief flea infestation can result in thousands of eggs being produced! These tiny white eggs fall off the coat of the animal and are deposited around your home in carpets and bedding. 

What to do?

The eggs can remain dormant for many months off of your pet before developing via larval and pupal stages into more adult fleas. Therefore, it is necessary to treat not only your pet, but also the environment. 

We have a range of safe and very effective flea product, both for your pet and your home. Please ask us to advise you on the best form of flea control to suit your individual requirements.