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Apple or Chocolate – A Choice?

A plate with a choice of chocolate or an apple? – Which would you eat first?

The majority of us would probably head for the chocolate, leaving the healthier option of an apple behind!

Well our pet rabbit can be just as picky with their food when given a choice. Many of the dried mixes, although balanced, allow our rabbits to pick and choose, eating only the ‘tasty’ bits and leaving the other ‘essentials’ behind! So, it is very important that we give them the right food to chew on to help keep their continuously growing teeth in good shape and their digestive systems functioning properly. 

Good food for your rabbit:

  • All in one pellet mix-so they eat everything!
  • Plenty of hay. Rabbits require a high source of fibre as it helps their teeth stay in shape and maintains a healthy gut function.
  • A selection of fresh fruit and veg occasionally- but remember these can sometimes cause tummy upset

Unfortunately, a rabbit’s upper and lower teeth do not always meet correctly when they bite, and can overgrow, causing chewing problems, facial abscess, and cuts within the mouth. They can also stop your rabbit from grooming properly, which could lead to a problem of ‘fly-strike’ in the summer months. Fortunately for most rabbits, we can trim their teeth to make life happier for them. 

It is very important for your rabbit to have a check up if they are having a problem eating or appear to be dribbling. Further help and advice is always available from our practice.