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Why does my cat's breath smell

Dental disease is the most common cause of Bad Breath in Cats.  Plaque and tartar accumulating on the teeth, Gums becoming inflamed and separating  from their underlying structures and Loose teeth all provide the perfect Environment for Bad Breath. Food can Lodge in abnormal gum pockets and rot and Bacterial infections that produce foul odors can occur. 

Bad smells may also develop as a result of a foreign object becoming lodged in your cats mouth, Trauma to oral tissues or Oral Tumours.

Systemic Diseases may also cause smelly Breath.  Kidney Disease can lead to a urine or ammonia like odour and Diabetes may produce a sweet fruity smell. Cats with severe Liver disease or an intestinal Blockage may have Breath that smells like faeces.

Foods such as Fish or liver based ingredients can also contribute to bad smelling breath

If you have any concerns about your Cats breath Please contact us today.