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Why does my cat lick my hand?

Your cat might be licking your hand as a sign of affection. Cats lick to groom other cats as a sign of
affection much like mother cats lick their kittens. They might also be affectionately marking you as theirs.

Cats mark their territory by butting something with their head or licking. By doing so they release
pheromones that are then left on the object, person or animal.

Your cat might also be licking and occasionally biting you to get some of your attention when they feel
lonely and want some cuddles. They also might be licking you excessively if they are stressed or anxious
again a few pets and cuddles can help relax your cat.

Another reason why your cat is licking your hands might be that you touched food or something that
smells nice and your cat is trying to get a little taste of what that was. Cats also tend to lick other
surfaces which have an appealing smell to them this can be problematic as it may result in biting and
ingesting something they shouldn’t have.