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Cats in Season

Your Cat Coming into Heat

Cats usually have their first heat at 6 months old but sometimes as young as 4 months old. They usually come into heat in Spring and Autumn and it can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks!

Behaviour to Watch

During her heat, your cat may seem more affectionate and may rub up against her favourite people and furniture. They will also try to attract a mate and will howl loudly and spray strong smelling urine on furniture and walls. If you have an indoor cat, she may desperately try to get outdoors and may go as far as attacking doors and windows.

Maybe Time to Look at Spaying!

If she is unable to mate this can be a very frustrating and uncomfortable time for both you and your cat as she will continue going into heat. If she is able to mate, she can have up to two litters a year, so she may produce between 6 and 10 kittens a year! Unless you are planning on breeding your cat, the best way to avoid unwanted litters and the frustration of having a cat in heat is to get her spayed.
We recommend spaying female kittens between 4 and 5 months of age. Spaying a kitten ensures that she won’t come into heat and can also help to prevent some types of cancer.