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Christmas Toys for your Pet

As an integral part of the family, many of our pets will be receiving gifts from us this Christmas.

Whether that’s a stocking full of treats, or a Christmas dinner, make sure you buy reputable and safe products especially designed for animals – for example, Pedigree offer a range of nutritionally balanced gifts for dogs, including seasonal turkey flavoured food. Rawhide bones and other edible chews can pose a choking and obstruction risk, so do be mindful with your choices.

If you’re buying toys look out for any small pieces that may be swallowed and cause an obstruction, or any sharp elements that could cause injury. All dog toys should be appropriate for the dog’s size, for example a ball should be large enough to carry and not so small that it can be swallowed or lodge in the throat. If your dog likes to ‘rip apart’ their softer toys, don’t let them swallow the contents, especially any squeakers. Squeaking objects should be ‘supervision only’ toys.

Practical gifts are always a good idea too; how about a reflective collar so your cat can be seen more easily during dark nights, or a reflective dog lead for those evening walks?