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Cats and Christmas tree

We all know cats love to play with shiny things. The Christmas tree is too much of a temptation for them however this often ends up with you finding your beloved cat tangled up in Christmas tree lights looking like a badly wrapped present.

Follow the 10 steps below to help try and protect your tree:

1.    Buy a cat friendly tree – In some shops you can buy artificial trees on which the branches start halfway up meaning your decorations are protected from your curious cat
2.    Place a protective festive barrier around the base of your tree
3.    Secure your tree to a wall or a stable object so if your cat ends up in the tree it won’t fall over
4.    Remove chairs or other platforms from near the tree. These can serve as launching pads for your cat to use to jump into the tree.
5.    Avoid using tinsel – no tinsel means your cat isn’t at risk of eating it
6.    Don’t forget about the electricity cables! Try to wrap them in a protective cover or hide them so your cat isn’t at risk of chewing on them.
7.    Spray an artificial tree with cat deterrent spray
8.    Hang any decorations you have up high
9.    Do not leave presents under the tree for you or your cat! Boxes, especially boxes that smell like cat toys or food can be too much of a temptation and you may wake up one morning to all your perfectly wrapped presents destroyed!
10.    Artificial trees are always less of a temptation

Let us know if you have any greater ideas to protect your tree from the cat!!