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Your pet is getting cold

Winter has arrived and with the weather getting colder it’s important we keep our furry friends warm.


Ideally dogs should be brought indoors in the cold weather however, if they have a shelter outdoors it should be well insulated to help keep them warm. A jacket can be useful for dogs with a light or thin fur coat, that are smaller in size, have a health condition or older dogs to keep them warm when outside.

After a walk in the rain make sure to dry your dog down with a towel to prevent them getting cold due to damp fur.


Like dogs, cats should be brought inside in the cold weather but a lot of cats like to spend the day roaming and won’t be happy being shut inside all day, so instead just bring them in for the night when the weather is at its coldest. For the time they spend outside provide your cat with a warm, insulated shelter. Cats can sometimes curl up inside cars for warmth during the cold weather so make sure to check your car before you start it.

Clean up any antifreeze spills immediately as it is extremely toxic to cats. If you think your cat may have ingested antifreeze contact your vet.


Make sure your rabbit’s hutch is warm by either placing it indoors for the winter months (even into a shed or garage if you don’t want it in the house!). If it has to stay outdoors ensure it is well insulated, waterproof and position it so that wind isn’t blowing in. No matter where you keep your rabbit’s hutch during the winter ensure they always have access to a run as they still need to exercise. It is essential to have plenty of dry bedding in the hutch and once bedding becomes wet or damp replace it to prevent your rabbit getting cold.

Please Contact us if you have any more questions about your pet and the cold.