dog scratching

Why Does My Dog Scratch?

Ever wondered why your dog scratches? If your dog is scratching…

Why is My Dog Rubbing his Bum Along the round?

Scooting is the term used to describe when a dog drags their…
why is my dog eating grass

Why is My Dog Eating Grass?

Many owners are are left scratching their heads when they see…
aoife garvin vet foxrock nurse

Team Meet – Aoife Garvin – Veterinary Nurse Foxrock

Aoife Garvin is a new veterinary nurse in our Foxrock Vet clinic…
Milo new puppy farm 1

Choosing a New Puppy; Avoiding Puppy Farms & Unethical Breeders

Milo's story, although a rocky start, has a happy ending. Unfortunately,…
How Much Should I Feed My Puppy

Puppy Nutrition – How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

Getting a new puppy and wondering how much you should feed them?…
How to Keep Your Pets Safe in a Storm

How to Keep Your Pet Safe in a Storm

As we head in towards winter we expect to see more storms on…
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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe at Halloween

Happy Halloween from everyone at Arkvet! Firework season is…
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Osteoarthritis - Is Your Pet Suffering in Silence?

What is osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is a painful condition…
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A New Puppies Journey

At Arkvet we are very keen to meet your new puppy as soon as…
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How to Avoid a Puppy Farm Pup

It’s very sad to see that so many dogs are still being mistreated…
irish guide dogs at ark vet in dublin

Guide Dogs fundraiser

Many thanks to everyone who attended our open day on Saturday…