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Puppy Party

  On Wednesday last our vet Paul and family were at our Puppy Party with their new family pets – Snoopy and Trixie. After 14 great years with Kia our beloved Springer we sadly had to say goodbye in early October. Devastated and unsure of what was the next move and the right time to […]

Is Your Dog in Good Shape?

Owners often ask us to check if their pet is at a healthy weight, and unfortunately more often than not their beloved pooch is not! Overweight pets and pet obesity is unfortunately a common problem in dogs.   There are several ways we tell if a dog is at a good weight   Method 1: […]

The ABC of Avoiding Joint Flare Ups

  A = Alleviate B = Bedding C = Condition   Alleviate: We are coming into the colder months of the year and any aches and pains can be made feel worse by the cold. Support your pet by keeping them away from drafty areas especially resting areas. Reduce running and jumping as that can […]

A Weighty Matter!

  Did you know that 1 in 3 pets are overweight in Ireland!   This can be due to a number of different reasons including overfeeding or feeding the wrong types of food (Yes, that little piece of toast does add up!), reduced exercise and genetic predisposition in some breeds. In all cases, carrying an […]


Lots of pets suffer from upset tummies from time to time. While the specific details sometimes don’t make pleasant reading, it’s important that you know what to expect. Always seek the advice of your vet if you are concerned about the health of your pet. Check Out the Signs If you hear your pet making […]

Jak pomoc czworonogom, ktore boja sie burzy

Burza moze byc bardzo stresujacym zjawiskiem zarowno dla zwierzat jak i dla ludzi i moze powodowac ogromny niepokoj u naszych pupili. Jesli nasz podopieczny stresuje sie podczas burzy jest kilka sposobow, ktore pomoga mu ja przetrwac.     Przygotowania do burzy   Wykorzystajmy ten czas na wyprowadzenie psa na spacer wlaczne z pojsciem do toalety […]

Ark Vetacare Vets in Training

At Ark Vetcare we are committed to continually developing our clinical skills to offer your pets the best healthcare experience. Last week we took some time out to have a vets training day on arthritis and joint disease in our pets. With colder, damper weather on the way joint pain becomes more noticeable for our […]

Fireworks phobia in your pet and what you can do to help.

Halloween aka fireworks season is fast approaching – this post has lots of useful hints and tips to help your furry friends feel safe and secure during this noisy period. It’s important to try and keep to your normal routine as to not add to your pet’s anxiety. Ask in any of our clinics for […]

Ciara and Lexie

Hi! I’m Ciara the vet manager. My dog is a Border Terrier called Lexie. She is my second Border Terrier. As a young vet, I remember the most wonderful patient I had who happened to be a Border Terrier. I loved him so much and thought he was such a dude I went in search […]

Vomiting and Diarrhoea – Is It An Emergency?

Vomiting and diarrhoea are one of the most common complaints in companion animals that we see. It can be caused either by the Gastro-intestinal (stomach and intestines) tract or outside the gastro-intestinal tract; for example kidney disease. Vomiting or/and diarrhoea can be caused by either serious illness and warrants immediate care and veterinary attention or […]

Aoife’s Pets

    Hi my name is Aoife and I am going to tell you a little bit about my dog Alfie. Alfie is an amazing little dog that my family and I adopted. We adopted him into our family on the 21st of May 2017 and he is now approximately 3 years old. He is […]

Meet Jessica

  Jessica is from Nevada and qualified from UCD in 2018 after she obtained a BSc. in animal science at Oregon State University in 2013.   Before joining Ark Vets, Jessica worked at a mixed practice in Donegal.  Now she’s back living in Dublin with her partner Cian and their four dogs Izzie, Brodie, Niaomi […]

Niamh’s Pets

Hi, I’m Niamh one of the nurses in the Kill Lane branch. I’m the owner of two rescue dogs. My family and I rescued Poppy from a rescue centre in Wicklow almost ten years ago. She was the runt of a litter of 6 and extremely nervous. Poppy’s mother was found abandoned and heavily pregnant […]

Electrocardiogram (ECG) for Pets

    An Electrocardiogram is a diagnostic test which is used to assess the heart rhythm and to identify if there are any abnormalities (arrhythmias) in the heartbeat. It can also help to detect abnormalities such as an enlarged heart, and a common finding with many heart diseases.   Using a CardioPet   The Device […]

Rachel’s Pets

I’m Rachael and I work in Ark Vetcare in Foxrock as a Veterinary Nurse Assistant for the last 8 years. While I love all the furries that come into Foxrock I am a big cat lover, I have 2 of my own at home and have always taken in rescues or they have found their […]