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What’s in Your Dog’s Shots?

Most new puppy owners know that one of the first things they need to do is gets their puppy’s shots. However, most people don’t know what’s in them! When you call Ark Vetcare to tell us you have a new puppy we will invite you in for a check-up with the vet. The vet may […]

Toby the Dog Jumps Out Car Window!

Toby was on his way home from the groomers last week. It was one of those really warm days. Toby’s owner has his other dog in the car with him who is a big Malamute! Due to the fact that it was so warm with 2 dogs in the car the windows were down. To […]

Renovation at the Vet in Kilmacud!

We are delighted to have had some work carried out recently in our Kilmacud vet clinic and would like to thank our clients and patients for putting up with things being a bit noisy while it was going on!! We initially had work carried out on the entrance which has given us a lovely, bright, […]

Dogs Get Sick in the Contaminated Sea Water Too

As many of you will be aware there have been several incidents where sewage has leaked into the local seawater recently and the beeches have been closed to swimming. At the time we advised our clients not to let their pets swim on our social media but unfortunately for many it was too late. We […]

Dogs Angels Ireland with Ark Vet

Dogs Angels Ireland is one of the charities that we work with here in Ark Vet Care. They are a fantastic charity who rescue dogs from pounds, shelters and difficult situations. They take in any dogs that need help and go above and beyond in the care that they provide for them. We work closely […]

Update on The New Veterinary Hospital at Ark Vetcare Dun Laoghaire

The painters and sign writers were in this week putting the finishing touches to the outside of the Hospital at Ark Vetcare Dun Laoghaire. We have preserved the traditional look of the building as it is one of the longest established Small Animal Veterinary Hospitals in South Dublin. We have a picture of the clinic […]

Diagnosis and Management of Pet Diabetes

If you think your pet could have Diabetes here are some tips to help you get the best care for your pet. How will my vet test my pet for diabetes? At Ark VetCare we may begin by performing a general health examination and asking questions about any signs your pet may be displaying. Then, […]

Does My Pet Have A Tapeworm?

As a pet owner, you’ve likely heard about tapeworms. They are tiny parasites that live in an animal’s gut. Normally they don’t cause serious issues, but they are easy to prevent and treat. There are different kinds of tapeworms, but the most common one is caused by swallowing a tiny infected flea. Fleas can carry […]

Frodo Casey…..My Pet Insurance Story

Welcome to my wee world, and how the choices that my owner made has helped me to cope with old age. Remember that in doggy years being 18 is in your world- about 90 years old. I have had a good and happy life; Maria and all the gang treat me in the style that […]

Holidays with Your Pet This Summer

Ireland unfortunately still lags behind Europe when it comes to pet friendly hotels and holiday accommodation, but things are slowly starting to change… One common thing among us all is the guilt we feel when leaving our pets into boarding facilities when we go away. Here at Ark Vet we are lucky enough to be […]

Hot Weather and Pets – Top Tips

Summer is finally here – and along with it a heatwave. Yay for us, but our pets might find the heat a little bit difficult to handle – here are some tips to help your pet cope: Make sure your pet has access to clean fresh water. Ensure that there is a shaded area or […]

Why Does My Cat Drink from the Tap??

Why does my cat drink from the tap? A question every cat owner has asked themselves on more than one occasion!! Often cats are perceived to be finnicky about where they drink but rather than being fussy or divas it could be that we’re getting everything wrong. They instinctively prefer fresh water. Many prefer running […]

Feline Zen – Chilled out Cats

Cats chilling out at home or in familiar places are the perfect picture of relaxation and purrfection. Cats at the vets or travelling to the vets are rarely feeling chilled out. Between all the staff in Dun Laoghaire we are proud servants of 18 cats and are aware of the potential stress level involved in […]

Summer Stings

It’s not unusual for us to see patients that may have come off the worst after a game of chase with a bee or wasp. Kittens and some older cats may be drawn in with their hunting instinct and catch and try to eat a wasp or a bee. Any swelling or if they get […]

Meet Charlie a fun-loving boxer cross.

Charlie was diagnosed with cruciate ligament disease late 2018. He had been out for a run, having escaped through the front door, and come back holding up one of his back legs. Lynda, his owner, left him for the day to see if it would settle down. The next day he was still holding up […]