Cat staring

Why does my cat stare at me?

Feline behaviour is very fascinating as cats are such complex creatures. There are a lot of studies that explore the meaning of certain feline behaviours but of course these are very limited due to the inability of the subjects to talk! However, these are thought to be the most common reasons for staring:


As anybody with a feline friend will know, cats are very curious creatures. They love to know what’s going on and observing their owners to see what they’re up to. Cats are also what we call visual hunters. This means that they are programmed to keep their eyes peeled for anything moving. When there is nothing to hunt, this laser focus will turn to any motion in their home – which is usually you!

They’re showing you affection

If you cat spends a lot of time staring at you and giving long slow blinks then you likely have a very close bond as this is thought by feline behaviouralists to mean that your cat feels safe and trusts you and is their way of showing you affection. It may seem like an odd way of showing affection but cats are great non-verbal communicators and when they do it, it usually means true love!

It’s dinner time!

If you cat is staring at you around feeding time it’s likely that they’re trying to use their telepathic skills to prompt you to feed them, especially if the staring is accompanied by loud meows! All cat owners have been on the receiving end of our cat staring when mealtime is near. They impatiently watch our every move, and if we make the slightest move toward the kitchen, they’re all over us!