Cat Boarding at Ark Vetcare

Did you know all 3 clinics offer cat boarding facilities?

Whether you are going away for a long holiday or a short break we can look after your cat.

All cats coming to stay with us are given a check over by one of our vets first. We ensure that your cat is up to date with their vaccines and protected. We insist all cats coming to stay with us are protected against external parasites so as that your feline friend does not go home with any unexpected visitors.

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Our trained staff supervise and check on your cats regularly throughout the course of the day. Quite often during the day we leave the radio on to keep the company. Our trained staff soon learn which cats like which radio station.

We have the facility to board more than one cat in the same kennel if your cats come as a couple.

Please ring your local clinic to book your cat in with us.


Jenny Petzold, owner of Jules and Noops

‘The love, care and attention that our girls get at the Ark Vetcare cattery is second to none.  There’s honestly nowhere else I’d leave them, and no one else I’d trust to look after them when we are away.  Knowing that they are so well cared for and getting regular updates when they are in boarding gives us real peace of mind.  A massive thank you to the whole team at Ark Vetcare for always being so accommodating and taking such excellent care of them.’

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Yvonne Smalley

For over 25 years i’ve been able to go on holiday with peace of mind knowing all my cats will be safe and beautifully cared for. Thank you, Yvonne. 

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Liz Manseragh

To all of you kind carers in Ark Cattery in Dun Laoghaire –

Thank you so much for taking such very kind care of Lilliput over the years. We are so grateful to know she is in the very best of hands while we are away.  

Tubby and Paddy, too, whom you looked after over twenty years( each), would also need to be included in this warm appreciation!

All the very best,


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