Why does my cat bite me?


Have you ever wondered why your cat bites you? There are many reasons cats bite, these include:

Play Acting

Cats love to stalk and attack anything that moves, like rodents and birds as well as your fingers and toes. This type of biting is playful and not aggressive. To get your cat to stop biting while playing discourage rough play. Supply toys and scratching posts. Make sure your cat has plenty to play with.

Territorial Aggression/Fear and Aggression towards humans

Outdoor cats are most likely to get territorial aggression when they feel they are threatened by a stray or another outdoor cat. They may take this aggression out on you or other house pets. If you care concerned your cat has changed in behaviour call Ark Vetcare today to schedule an appointment with a vet.

New kittens that are poorly handled or never socialized at a young age will grow up unsure of people and become easily upset. Your cat may hiss, bite or claw anyone who approaches them. If your cat is nervous you should talk softly and move slowly around them. Also having your kitten get used to your touch, by petting them without sudden movements. If your cat shows signs of irritation you should stop immediately.

Using synthetic cat pheromones can help your cats stress levels. If you think your cat is stressed, call Ark Vetcare today.

Petting-induced Aggression

Your cat may seek out your attention and purr while you pet them, then suddenly turn and bite you. This behaviour may be associated with a cat’s short attention span, or their desire to control the situation or even the fine line between pleasure and annoyance.

Medically Induced Aggression

If your cat is in pain, they may suddenly become more aggressive and start biting. If you care concerned your cat may be in pain call Ark Vetcare to schedule an appointment with a vet.