Why Does My Dog Shiver?

Dog shiver

Dogs can shiver for many different reasons like excitement/anxiety/fear, pain or for medical reasons. Some smaller breeds, like Chihuahuas, are known to shiver, which is normal. If you are concerned your dog is shivering after injecting a toxin you should call Ark Vetcare immediately for an appointment.


Dogs can shiver if they are excited. For example, a dog may shiver when you ask them to sit and they are waiting for a treat. Some dogs shiver when they have separation anxiety or are scared. Dogs that are afraid of fireworks or are super nervous at the vets may shiver.

Temperature Control

Shivering is a very effective means of creating body heat and is a normal response if a dog is cold and the body temperature decreases.


If your dog has been injured, they may be experiencing pain. Pain can produce high amounts of adrenaline, which can cause your dog to shiver. If you think your dog is in pain, you should contact Ark Vetcare for an appointment.


Shivering can be a symptom of something more serious such as poisoning, pancreatitis or kidney disease. Some dogs will shiver from illness that causes tremors like:

Addison’s Disease


Kidney Disease