What should I feed my kitten?

cat food

Ark Vetcare recommends that you feed your new Kitten Hills Vet Essentials Kitten food. The practice has been recommending this food for years as we believe it will give your new kitten the best start in life. Nutrition is one of the main cornerstones of good health.


The Best Kitten Food Starts with Science

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the best kitten food for your new pet. Start with these three considerations to make sure your kitten is getting off to a healthy start. kitten feed


Kittens Have Their Own Nutritional Needs

While some nutrients in kitten food are the same as adult cat food, there are a few differences that will help your new kitten’s brain and muscle development.

Expect your kitten’s food to have higher levels of protein and minerals, as well as higher calories, since kittens are typically more active than their older counterparts.


A Healthy Feeding Schedule

A consistent feeding schedule keeps your kitten from overeating and gives you more control during mealtime. We can calculate exactly how much you new kitten needs to be fed so ensure they are getting neither too much nor too little.


Serving Options

We recommend the dry food only as it is best for their teeth. Plus, it does not go off as quickly as wet food if your kitten does not eat their meal straight away nor will it attract flies during the summer months. In addition, dry food works out extremely economical for you. We also have a loyalty scheme for the food which can offer you up to 15% discount.


Arkvet Loyalty Scheme