How does my dog get ticks?

Dog ticks


Where and how can my dog get ticks?

Dogs generally get ticks because they’re out in an environment that ticks like; walking through the woods or high grass, and these ticks undergo what’s called questing, where they crawl up on these low shrubs or grass, generally 18 to 24 inches off the ground and they basically hang out. And when the dog walks by or we walk by and brush up against these ticks they dislodge and get onto us. Ticks don’t climb up into trees. That’s an old myth. They just lie in wait for us. It’s sort of an ambush strategy. They can live well over a year without feeding.


Hotspots for ticks

In South County Dublin there are a number of hotspots for Ticks.  Killiney Hill, Cabinteely Park and Deer Park are all common hotspots that we know our clients like to frequent.

Prevention is better than cure. Please talk to us today for the best advise on what product to use to protect your dog (and you!) from these horrid parasites.


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