Vets Are Experts At Dealing With Infectious Diseases

Vet Experts

Throughout this crisis we are very proud that we have managed to stay open and continue to care for the pets of South County Dublin.

Vets deal with infectious diseases every day of their working careers. Both Paul McCarthy (Director) and Ciara Reid (Practice Manager) worked in the UK during the Foot and Mouth outbreak. All our vets and nurses have had to deal with Parvo cases which require barrier nursing. ALL of staff are very aware of the risks posed to other patients with regards to canine cough.


Please Listen To Your Vet

All these infectious diseases put us in a position to be fully aware of how to deal with infectious diseases. We are experts. This is what we do! We know how to protect against infectious disease and are very confident the systems we have put in place will protect our staff and continue our service.


Measurements We Have Taken

Covid Expert


As we are all now aware if one person contracts the disease all in contacts have to self-isolate for 14 days. IF this were to happen in one of our clinics it

would mean that clinic would have to close. So, we are very conscious of protecting our staff to help protect them.

So, we made the decision not to allow any members of the public into the building. Clients must always wait in their cars or in the yard in Dun Laoghaire following physical distancing.

We ask clients to phone us when they have arrived. Covid Expert

A member of our team will always collect the pet from the boot of the car or the back seat following physical distancing guidelines.

The nursing team will assist the vets in the consult room.

The vet will phone the client to take a history, discuss their findings and agree a treatment plan for the pet.

We know this is not the ideal way to look after our clients but in the circumstances to continue the service it’s what we must do.

We hope you appreciate our efforts and continue to work with us in this way until we reach a point where everyone can be safe from this terrible disease again.

Stay safe!



Covid Experts Covid Experts Covid Experts