Covid 19 – Should I bring my pet to the vet for routine appointments?

Covid Appointment

When the crisis started, we were advised by our governing body the Veterinary Council of Ireland that we should see emergencies only. We followed this advise and stopped seeing routine appointments.


However, as this crisis continues, we have revised our systems and are now of the opinion that some routine appointments cannot be left for much longer.

Here are some of the questions we are being asked;


Should my puppy be vaccinated?

It is vitally important that all new pups are vaccinated and protected as soon as possible so yes bring your puppy to us to ensure he is protected.


My dog was due his booster in March how long can he go without his booster?

It is important that all dogs receive their first booster within a month of it being due as the initial [protection from the puppy course will wear off shortly after a year.

The most important part of the annual booster is against a disease called Leptospirosis. We know there have been cases of this deadly disease locally in Greystones and Sandymount. This disease is not only of great risk to our patients, but it poses a risk to human health as well. So, at this point we would recommend you bring your dog in.


My cat goes outside should he get his booster.

We know flu and enteritis are extremely infectious disease. If your cat is going outdoors, then yes, he should be protected so we will see him for his booster.

My cat is now 6 months old and is dying to get out of the house. Can I get her spayed?

IF you cannot keep your cat indoors and he/she has not been neutered we will neuter your cats. The last thing you want is an unwanted pregnancy and cats can produce kittens from less than 5 months of age.


My bitch is 7 months old now and I don’t want her coming into season. Can I get her spayed?

Yes, we can Spay your bitch. Leaving you young puppy to come into season if you do not wish to breed from her will cause hassle for you and risk your bitch developing a phantom pregnancy or an unwanted pregnancy.


My pet is due their parasite treatment. Can I collect it?

Most certainly! Please continue to protect your pet. Parasites are still there and will cause huge distress and possible illness not only to your pet but to you as well. Fleas don’t care who they bit, and Ticks can transmit Lyme’s disease which can infect people.

However please follow our guidelines when collecting parasite control. Please order online at or over the phone. Please pay over the phone. IF you live within the allowed 2 km of the clinics please come and collect. We will drop your products outside the door when you arrive. IF you live outside the 2 km radius please talk to a member of staff about how we can help you.


We are confident as experts in infectious diseases and bio security that we can see your pet safely in the clinic and continue to care for them. For more information on our systems to protect our staff and look after your pet please read …………………………………..