Congratulations on the arrival of your new puppy!


New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is an extremely exciting time for any family and many families are taking the opportunity while they are at home to welcome a new 4 legged family member.

As soon as you get your new puppy please contact us for sound advise.


Making Sure Your Puppy Is Healthy

A significant number of puppies we have seen have received their “first vaccination“. Unfortunately a lot of the time this is just a vaccine against Parvovirus but your puppy will not be protected against the other diseases to which they are susceptible. We will advise you on the course of vaccinations your puppy needs.

Most puppies have roundworms in their gastrointestinal tract and its really important that we treat these worms on a regular basis. IF you have a young family worms can be a serious threat to your children if your puppy does not receive a suitable prescribed wormer. These wormers are weight dependent so its important we have an accurate weight on your puppy.


Microchipping Your Puppy

All puppies must be microchipped before being sold. This is the law.

More importantly the microchip details need to be registered to you, the new owner, so as that if your new puppy gets lost or stolen he/she can be reunited with you. We have seen a number of puppies that have not been registered at all or registered with a small database that is not a national data base and therefore cannot be accessed nationwide. We will help you ensure the paperwork is done correctly.


Come See Us!

We are open for business but unfortunately its not quite business as usual. We have instigated procedures to protect our staff and you the general public but we can assure you your new puppy will be well cared for!