COVID- 19 and My Pet



Coronavirus – How to Act With Your Pet

There have been a lot of questions and concerns regarding whether COVID-19 can affect our pets.

There is no evidence at present that animals can get ill from the virus.


It is important to maintain good hygiene practices around your pet. Wash hands after handing pets and avoid kissing them or being licked. Try to avoid contact with other peoples pets or people contacting yours.


There is no evidence of dog-human transmission or dog-dog transmission.


Social Contact & Feeding Habits

The virus can live for a short period of time in the environment or on ones hands, clothes etc. The same can be said for your pet. Your pet could act as a fomite for the virus. Limit your contact with your pet if you are sick. Try not to let people pet your dog or you theirs. If your cat usually visits other peoples houses then it may be worth keeping your cat inside if possible.


At the vets, we are limiting social contact with owners and taking the animals inside for check ups and consults. We are also practicing good hygiene to protect ourselves and you.


You may be at home with your pet more than usual at the moment. It can be tempting when you are at home to feed or give more treats to your pet, try can keep your usual schedule.  Bring your dog on its normal walks and be careful not to overexercise them at the moment, especially elderly or arthritic dogs.