Dog - transmission of coronavirus to animals?

Does Coronavirus Transmit From Humans to Pets or Vice-Versa?

It is a worrying time with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. With the WHO recently declaring it a Pandemic and given the rapidly evolving situation here and abroad… it’s an important time to be vigilant and follow the instructions and advice from the government and health authorities such as the HSE.

One question you might have is: Can your pets be infected by Corona virus and in turn, can they infect you?

Up to now, there has been no concrete evidence to suggest there is transmission from humans to domestic animals.

Likewise, it is believed there is no transmission of the virus from dogs or other animals or to humans. Recently in countries such as Spain, there has been a lot of fake news around this.

It is important to follow a trusted source. We are receiving our information from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association.

What we know so far is that the virus is a human to human transmission. Not involving animals. While it seemingly evolved from an animal source, the current evidence suggests that animals do not transmit the virus to humans. While we are still discovering more about  Corona virus and Covid-19 – there is no known risk and no pet should be abandoned because of this disease.

Good Hygiene is Fundamental (as always)

If anyone does have the Coronavirus or suspects they have it: practice good hygiene when it comes to taking care of your pet – so others are not inadvertently infected when they contact the pet through items such as the collar, leash etc. This is the most important piece of advice in relation to your pet and its one you may not have considered before. The virus does stay on surfaces and survives for an unknown length of time so be sure to regularly clean dog collars and leads etc. to help family members avoid spreading the virus amongst themselves.

Stay safe.