How do dogs get tapeworms?

Tapeworm Dog


Dipylidium caninum

The most common tapeworm of the dog is Dipylidium caninum. This tapeworm doesn’t cause many problems in adult dogs but in growing puppies in can cause gastrointestinal upsets and even stunt their growth. Dipylidium is spread by fleas and therefore effective treatment requires an effective wormer as well as an effective flea treatment. It is important that the environment is also treated for fleas to prevent reinfestation. This is why preventative flea and worm treatments are so important.



Another type of tapeworm is the Echinococcus. This tapeworm infects dogs when they eat uncooked offal from sheep or small rodents. This tapeworm is important as it can infect people. We do not currently have this species in Ireland. This is why pets travelling from abroad need to receive a tapeworm treatment before they can enter Ireland.

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