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Overweight patients are at the risk of having a shorter life expectancy and can have added health issues such as joint problems, diabetes, heart disease, difficulty exercising and hypertension.

If you are unsure whether or not your pet is overweight an easy way to check is:


  1. You should be able to run your fingers along their ribs. If you have to poke or prod to feel them this indicates they need to lose some weight.
  2. Your pets should have an obvious waist. They should go in behind the ribs.
  3. They should have a tummy tuck. Their tummy should not be at the same level as their ribs the tummy should tuck up.


If you are concerned that your pet is overweight, we offer free weight consults. During these consults we will record your pets’ weight and take measurements to accurately calculate the correct amount of food they require. We would advise the pets attend a weight clinic every 2-3 weeks to begin. This allows us to make any adjustments to ensure your pet is on track with their weight loss schedule.

Here are some of our clients that have attended our weight loss clinics and are well on their way to reaching their target weight.

  • Pearl is a lovely energetic pug that has struggled with her weight since being rescued. Since attending our clinics, she has lost 1.7kg. Pearl is on the hills metabolic mini diet. This food is designed to aid in weight loss. It works by activating the metabolism to regulate appetite and burn fat. Her owner has noticed a significant improvement with her breathing which is an issue that most pugs suffer from.  Thanks to Pearl and her owner’s hard work she is now looking better than ever.


Arkvet Weight Loss                                                         Arkvet Weight Loss

Before                                                                                                After 


  • Inky is another patient who has started attending our weight clinics. Inky has a very sensitive tummy and due to this we did not want to switch her on to the metabolic diet. Instead we stuck with her own food that she was already on and worked out an amount to help her to lose weight.


Arkvet Weight loss                                                                      Arkvet Weight Loss

Before                                                                                                        After 


  • George who is a kind natured German Shepard who attends our weight clinics, is energetic and very hard working with his weight loss plan on Hills Metabolic food. He has lost almost 7 kilograms over the past few months and is very close to his Target weight. George currently attends our weight clinics every 2 weeks since the beginning and himself and his owner are working very hard to reach George’s goal.


Arkvet Weight Loss                                                     Arkvet Weight Loss

Before                                                                                                        After


The reason for choosing these three specific patients is because they are all on a different type of food.

  • Pearl: Hills Metabolic Mini – for smaller breed dogs
  • Inky: James Well beloved turkey light – For her sensitive tummy
  • George: Hills Metabolic – for medium to large breed dogs


We just wanted to show that we can work with different types of recommended food for your pet to ensure that they lose weight.


These three clients mentioned above were the first to attend our weight clinics here in Foxrock. They have worked very hard along with our many other clients who have just started out with us and have worked with us so we can help them live healthier and happier lives. We want to thank every single one of our clients who attend our weight clinics as you are all so hard working and willing to work with us nurses here in Ark Vetcare Foxrock to reach the targets and goals.


Well done to you all!