Benefits of microchipping your cat

Benefits of microchipping your cat


While microchipping your dog has been made a legal requirement the same does not apply for cats but this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. From indoor cats to cats that spend their entire life outdoors, a microchip can be a valuable means of identification for your cat if they ever go missing.

Placing the microchip is a quick procedure, it is placed by injection under the skin. Once placed the owner then registers the microchip by adding information including address and phone number.

If your cat ever goes missing this microchip can be read with a scanner at your local vet practice.

Many cats look similar…

Many cats may look quite similar, making them hard to identify by appearance alone. By having their own individual microchip number that is registered to you will remove any uncertainty over who the cat belongs to.

Some owners may decide to put a collar on their cat. While this can also be used as a means of identification, cats can lose their collars when out and about, whereas a microchip is a permanent form of identification and cannot be lost.

What about indoor cats?

Indoor cats should also be microchipped. They may have never taken a step outside the house but accidents happen, doors and windows get left open. By having a microchip placed, if an accident does occur and your cat gets out, you have the security of knowing if they are found they have some form of identification.