Be Mindful of Fresh Fish…Charlie Will Tell You Why


Charlie went out for a walk

While Charlie was out for a walk she met a man fishing. The man actually caught a fish and Charlie thought this was amazing and the fish looked so appetising. Charlie swallowed the fish and more!


Her Owner brought her straight to Foxrock Clinic

Her very astute owner brought her to see Tom in Foxrock. She was admitted for X-ray and low and behold she had swallowed the hook as well.

Charlie was taken to surgery and Tom removed the hook and a bit of fishing line as well.

Charlie was very lucky that her owner was so proactive and brought her to the clinic as soon as possible. If the hook had moved it could have gotten stuck or worse perforated her bowel.




A Happy Ending!

Thankfully Charlie recovered really well from the surgery and bounced out the door later that evening.

Let’s hope that no other patients get hooked on fish!!!!