Meet Ellie…A Remarkable Dog


ellie arkvet

This is a short story about a brave wee dog named Ellie. she will be 14years in April.

She is a Cairn Terrier, who shares her home with Geraldine and sometimes Michelle.


Ellie has been a patient with us for years, but presented last January 2019 , with a lump in the lymph area , and a little cough.

Geraldine, who is her best friend noticed the symptoms very early.

Bloods were taken, as well as a Lymph Node biopsy for histopathology.

Results were positive for Lymphoma.


Jim Walsh, the vet whose care she is under, commenced the COP regimen.  A combination of Cyclophosphamide+Vincristine+Prednisilone therapy. Treatment was on a weekly basis then every fortnight, and from this month she is now on a monthly rota of treatment.

Each visit means bloods and weight monitoring, a clinical history, then therapy.

She is a wonderfully stoic dog, never complains, and according to Geraldine and Michelle she is the same at home.

She is dearly loved by both, and greatly admired by Jim, and doted on by all the many staff here in Kill Lane.